Hunter Tylo And Her Plastic Surgery Procedures

Hunter Tylo

Born Deborah Jo Hunter, Tylo was born on 3 July, 1962. She is a leading American soap actress and a model. Her debut on the American Tv was with All My Children after which there was no looking back. She has also been a part of Days o our lives and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Tylo has married thrice and has four children in all and has taken divorce from her third husband as well. She has even filed a lawsuit for she was refused to continue work while she was pregnant in The Bold and the Beautiful. Here are some Images Of Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery

Hunter Tylo Before And After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Hunter Tylo And Her Plastic Surgery Procedures

As we all know that plastic surgery is one thing that every celeb has now resorted to in order to get that fair, charming, beautiful and everlasting skin. Though there has been a lot of talk about celebs revealing their procedures, but the point of them having these procedures done is the talk of the matter. When it comes to Hunter Tylo, she was a born beauty, her aesthetic appearance and features were enduring, but she trapped her own beauty by undergoing the plastic procedure several times and has kind of ruined her own appearance and beauty design.

Lip Fillers

Tylo is suspected to have lip fillers. On comparing her before and after pictures we get to see the difference in her lip structure and size. They now appear to be voluptuous and well formed. but one can easily makeout the difference in the proper lip shape which has been ruined.

Botox Injections

This is the most commom plastic procedure and even Hunter resorted to it to get a fair appearance, but, the actress is supposed to have an overdose of the same which has actually destroyed her basic look.

Cheek Implants

Her cheeks now Appear to be more plump and full and there’s absolutely a different cheek structure that she has had after the surgery.

Breast Surgery

In order to get bigger and fuller boobs, the actress went under the knife and got a bob surgery done. Her boobs now look fuller but, they look more unnatural may be due to an overdose of the same.

Nose Job

If you go on comparing the basic structure of her nose you will get to see that her nose has become much narrower and pointed at the ends. But again. Due to the other procedures done over her face, this procedure has added another point of unnatural beauty to her face. Nose Job Is impossible to Understand without looking at Robin McGraw After Plastic Surgery Images. Believe us you will be shocked.

If we go on comparing her before and after pics the signs of her demolishing her skin and face structure. She has acquired a completely new and indifferent look that sort of does not complement her features well. So this is another case of surgery gone wrong. You see, any change in the basic facial structure leads to destruction of ones natural beauty and that is something which is not good. Just for the sake of maintain you beauty for the rest of the life, one goes on reducing the natural beauty.

How to lose Weight With The Help Of Healthy Food

Food  That Are In The Top Celebrity Diet Plans

Different food contains different amount of nutrients, carbohydrates and fats. They effect our body in different ways. Here are various foods which helps us getting rid of extra kilos..


Apple is considered as a best fruit as it helps in losing extra kilos. It is high in fiber and low in calories. They are considered as satisfying and sweet fruit. Florida State University showed that dried apples helped humans to lose weight, as it lowers the cholesterol. Apple contains pectin and antioxidant which might be the reason behind these benefits. You can always have them in your bag while travelling.


Many Indians arent aware of use of brocolli and even didn’t know any vegetable like that exists. Brocolli is a green vegetable which low on calories and high on fibers. A quick recipe can be made out of it. Take one cup brocolli and roast it in olive oil and you can add vegetables into the dish which will help you feel fuller.


Kale is a Brassicaceae vegetable which includes brocolli, cabbage, cauliflower etc. This vegetable is a icon for a good health. It has loads of fiber and vitamin A. It also helps in detoxifying the body. You can use it as salad and as a baked kale chips.


Ancient describes cabbage has a lot of moon power as it generally grows in midnight. Moderns scientists understands that power comes from vitamin C and sulphur content. It is ideal for weight loss as it has approximately 33 calories. Nutritionally, it is low on calories and high on fiber. It is also considered as a smart carbohydrate. Cabbage also fights diseases such as cancer, colon and lung problems.


Cucumber contains vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. It has many health benefits related with it. One of the common benefit of it is lose weight. Calories are the amount of energy taken up from food you eat. It consist of 90 percent of water, these are used mainly in salad and it has no calories. Do you know cucumber is a vital part of Jennifer Lawrence Diet Regime. Isnt that cool?


Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, lots of fibers, calcium, pottasium and magnesium. Half kg of strawberries has approximately 50 calories. They are also loaded with antioxidants that help in reversing inflammation. New study on these berries suggested that eating berries can lead people to eat less calories.


These nuts contain lots of fats( monounsaturated) that release belly fat. They are also loaded with fiber, pottasium and magnesium.

Cottage Cheese

Usually dairy products are not used for losing weight. But one of the best is cottage cheese which has high protiens and less carbohydrate. Eating cheese will make you feel good.


Avocados are special fruits which are high in carbohydrates and healthy fats. They are monounsaturated oleic acid, which helps in burning fat. They can be serve in salads. They are also loaded with fiber and pottasium.


Victoria Beckham Diet Secrets Out

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is the very famous wife of soccer player David Beckham and is a paradigm of fitness. She is a beautiful owner of a perfectly designed and toned body even after being mother to four beautiful kids. She has maintained every inch of her body and that taking care of one’s own body is no easy task in today’s era. She got her body shape back completely to normal after giving birth to her fourth child. She has a sleek and stylish body and is very well aware of how to keep it intact in its best shape and size. Even at this age and being a mother of four she has got the best lady like attitude to don a teenage body and that her body can never be responsive of her age.

Victoria Beckham Diet Secrets Out

Victoria Beckham Diet And Workout Plan

Her diet includes a high protein diet and that she believes it helps her maintain her hair and nails. Her diet is inclusive of fishes, scrambled eggs, salad sandwiches, tuna, salmon and blueberry smoothy. Her lowest consumption is that of processed sugar and salt. Also she drinks a lot of green drinks during her off shoot timings.

She is very famously known for her ‘Alkaline Diet.’ This alkaline diet is conclusive of a diet with both acid and base. The food is cooked in a way which includes fresh fruits and vegetables and is made in a way that it is produced to be alkaline. Such sort of food items bring about the equilibrium in the body fluids and enable the release of good energy to be utilized.

According to Beckham, it is important to drink water to maintain body hydration and that she prefers drinking more water throughout the day. She also says that it helps clear the body toxins and maintains a clear and sparkling skin.

According to Victoria, Yoga is the best exercise and that she relies on yoga on a daily basis to acquire a beautifully toned body. She also uses the gym six times in a week to practice cardio related exercises. She runs over the treadmill on a daily basis to burn more calories and also does some light weight activities.

Her yoga practice is based on the principle of yogalosophy, where the blend of yoga and philosophy is practiced to attain a good body figure. Her yoga practice includes a few stretching exercises and muscle strengthening exercises as well. She practices yoga for three to four days in a week and considers it to be the most effective exercise for the whole body.

According to Victoria, her sole source of inspiration is her husband, David Beckham and that she feels that he is himself a sports star and also urges her to stay fit throughout. She believes she still has to lose her body weight and get into a perfect body shape to don a beautiful body.Well, we think what you bear now is just wonderful  Victoria!!

What To Avoid When On Diet

While losing weighty what is important is to keep yourself away from all the food cravings, processed food, aerated drinks and what not. During the period of losing weight, it is extremely important to keep view of the fact that what you eat is adding up to your calories and hence to your weight. So there’s always a certain limit that everyone has to take care of and follow it wisely for one’s own good. Keeping away from your favorite things especially when it comes to food is surely a task in itself, hence here is a golden list of what to avoid while on a diet. Here are some Healthy Diet Tips

What To Avoid When On Diet

Say No To Sugar

Consumption of sugar is very normal in homes, so better avoid it. Sugar is considered to add so much more of calories than your dessert; it proves to be hazardous in a way. Just avoid using the refined sugar that people use in their daily lives. Try turning on to honey for your lemon juice or may be a shift to brown sugar, it is better and much healthier than the white sugar we consume. Also try avoid desserts as they contain a lot of processed sugar that is bead for your health and weight as well.


Well this may sound to be a bit tough, but in the process of losing weight, alcohol proves bad. It works as a slow poison and can gradually destroy your body and lead to hazardous changes. Also, it contains high amount of calories which can add up to your body weight. Hence keeping oneself away from alcohol is necessary for overall well being.

Never Skip Meals

Kipping meals is a common mistake that usually all of us do. It’s a myth that skipping meals would render you to lose weight quickly. Rather try to eat less in more shifts. Eat breakfast like a king, and dinner like a beggar is something that should be followed to lose weight quickly. Hence this is supposed to be a golden rule to be followed by a person aspiring to lose weight.

Restrict Supplements

By supplements here, we mean the additional toppings and add-ons people fall for. Even while eating healthy salads, cream toppings serve to destroy all you calorie burning plans. Cheese, croutons, serve those extra calories which slower the weight loss process. Hence, when on a diet, be sure of what goes into your mouth, because if once it goes inside it will just allow you to eat more of it.

Eating Amnesia

Eating amnesia also referred to as mindless eating is something usually people fall for. In this people usually do not eat to fill in their bellies, but eat for pleasure. Usually telecasted while watching movies, television shows or reading or may be in you saddened times, on goes on eating and eating without giving it a thought. Think about your waistline and consider the amount of calories you are putting in.

How to cure Pimples

Pimples, the word is enough to create a dread among youngsters and they know that its hard to get rid of them atleast for few days. And what if, you get a pimple just before your date and you know its going to stay. Come lets explore these natural tricks which can turn those boils away overnight.

Morning without red boils looks much better and energise you in a better way. There is no harm in applying these natural homemade treatments whenever your skin ditches you. By the end of this article you will get to know how to remove pimples as  when they arise, press a pimple with the least possibility of any scar.

1. Peels of Orange

The contents of the fruit Orange can make it a favourite amongst those who want overnight treatment of pimples. Contents like cirrus juice contains vitamin C can cure pimples, acne, boils, etc.

Steps to follow:

Wash your hands prior to anything. Gently splash little bit of water on your face. with warm water as this helps to enlarge the pores.Keep bits of orange Peels handy and start rubbing one peel on one pimple. Using a single peel on all your pimples can damage the area further because the bacteria may spread in all directions.

2. Green Tea comes blessed with Antioxidants.

You need not drink green tea (which is anyway effective at giving you great skin), you can apply it externally to push those boils away. Green tea comes with a wonder  antioxidant called Epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG, it cut downs the production of sebum, bacteria which are responsible for any sort of inflammation. 

Steps to follow:

Either Arrange green tea leaves or green tea bags.Make tea out of tea leaves and water and let it cool. Apply the mix on your dry face especially where the area is affected. After 15 minutes, rinse your face with some normal water.

3. Toothpaste

Prefer white Toothpaste only. The method is extremely simple and toothpastes are always available at any place.Put white toothpaste to the area of breakouts and keep it overnight. Rinse your face with chilled water, when you wake up. You can also do it during day if you aren’t going out.

Note: Apply toothpaste only if suits your skin.
4. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another citrus rich fruit that is traditionally being used to remove pimples and fade away the marks.

Steps to follow:

In order to eliminate  inflammation and swelling from the area, you can simply apply fresh lemon juice. Fresh lemon juice works well rather than packaged products.

5. Baking Soda

Yes you read it right, baking soda can help you cure pimples too. It’s also for those who crib over sensitive skin.

Steps to follow:

To prepare the paste add baking soda with water.Apply the paste like a mask over the affected area and leave it for 5 minutes.  It will get dry.Wash it off using lukewarm water.You can put a layer of moisturizer over your skin after the treatment to protect it from drying