5 Every Girl Needs In Your Bag

Every woman needs to have the essentials in her bag because you never know what situation or emergency might happen!

Here are my 10 things that you can’t leave the home without them being in your purse.

Safety Pins

The lifesaver that every girl needs! If a button decides to pop off or a seam decides to be a nightmare then all you need is a safety pin. If you have small ones they can also act as a clasp for a necklace if it decides to break.

Band Aids

Cuts and small little scrapes can be treated temporarily with these, but all the ladies out there know that the best use is to save your heels form those painful new shoes you’re trying to break in. If you’ve chipped your nail polish from a nail you can always cover it up with a band aid.

Blotting Papers

The absorbent sheets are one of the most elegant ways that I can find to wipe off any excess oil or sweat that may break out on your cheeks, forehead or upper lick area.

A Healthy Snack

In this crazy and busy lifestyle we always find ourselves working through lunch or skipping on meals. But it is essential that we eat. So buy a box of healthy snack bars during your next visit to the grocery store. Each time you leave the house make sure you’ve thrown one or two in to your purse.

Battery pack for your cellphone

You need to have a cellphone battery pack just incase your phone dies. Buy a good one that will charge your phone at least a couple of times, you can pick one up for around $20 these days and that’s a small price to pay. Another option is to have a battery case, the case will cost you more than a battery pack but you won’t be having to deal with loose wires. During that long train journey to work, you definitely want to have enough battery so you can chat to friends, catch up on the latest world news or close your eyes and listen to your favourite tunes.

What do you never forget to put in your purse? I would love to hear what are the main things that you can’t leave the house without. Put comments below this post.



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