5 Reasons To Visit Whistler In The Summer

Whistler is famed for its world class skiing and winter sports. You can fly down the mountain on your skis, explore trails with snowshoes on your feet and even go winter sip lining – whatever you can think of Whistler has it!


Whilst the place might have tons of things during the winter months for thrill seekers, during the summer is when to place really comes to life. You may not have heard about Whistler in the summer before, so here are 5 reasons to visit during the season.

The Sun

I know very well that adventure sports in the snow is a big rush but I must say that things are just better when the sun is shining and I can wear shorts and a t-shirt. Whistler has loads of great little shops and stores to browse around, that is much easier to do when you’re not wearing a big jacket and gloves.

Extreme Sports

Just because the snow goes don’t think that the adrenaline rushes go too, in a place like Whistler extreme sports are as much aa part of daily life as having a coffee in the morning. The locals love to dust off their bikes and go for a ride. There are for mountain areas and also jump trails people can use, the levels range from extreme to kids who are learning the trade.

Peak To Peak

The peak to peak experience is record breaking, this lift connects Whistler to Blackcomb, two huge mountains that neighbour each other. On the lift you’ll take in 360 degree, breath taking views of glaciers, peaks and wildlife. If you still need that adrenaline rush then you can walk across Cloudraker sky bridge, the walkway isn’t for the feint hearted but is well worth it for the views you get of Whistler Bowl.


Hiking is one of the best things to enjoy when the snow has gone, you will still find some snow when you reach the top so make sure you bring an extra layer or two with you. If you’re there early in the season you might just be lucky enough to see some huge ice walls at Pika’s Traverse.

Lakeside Fun

You can’t stay active by skiing in the summer but you can swap the skis for a kayak or simply go skiing in the lake. If you want to enjoy lake life then book yourself into Nita Lake Lodge – this is the only place you’ll find that offers luxury and sits right on the lake. You don’t even have to go in or on the water because just sitting by it with a good book and glass of wine feels like heaven.

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