The best ways to stop your skin stressing out

If you’re someone who regularly suffers from breakouts and other common skin complaints, you’ll know exactly how frustrating it can be when your complexion looks completely stressed out.

First things first – what’s the cause of it all?


The way that we’re feeling plays a huge role in how our skin looks and feels and stress plays a huge role in skin flare-ups. When we’re feeling under pressure, a hormone called cortisol is released, and this can prompt many things to happen in our bodies, including an accumulation of fat, or making your skin oily, dry or full of acne.  


Other factors including sleep and exercise can have incredible effects on the health of our skin, but sometimes a breakout can be completely unavoidable. Here are some of the best ways to calm your skin during these periods.  


Stock up on superfoods


It’s no secret that maintaining a good diet is vital to your overall health but in those stressful times, it’s even more important to be mindful of what you eat. Oily fish such as salmon, and fruit and vegetables like avocado, blueberries and lemons can be a great addition to your diet if you’re looking to gain a glowing complexion. This is because these foods contain vitamin C, antioxidants, collagen and amino acids that have been proven to directly benefit the way that you look.  


Promote your probiotics


You might have heard of probiotics before, but perhaps you had absolutely no clue about what they are. They are live bacteria and yeasts, mainly found in your gut, that help to keep your microbiome balanced and your immune system strong. So how does this help your skin? As probiotics help your gut to break down food, absorb nutrients, and get rid of nasty toxins, it will eliminate any bad bacteria that can cause acne and other issues with your skin.  Foods such as yoghurt, apple cider vinegar, pickles and kimchi are a great source of probiotics so add these to your diet when things are feeling (and looking) stressful.




Meditation has been proven to be beneficial to both our mental and physical health, and because everything in our body is connected (in some way or another), it’s no surprise that having a calm mind will lead to calm skin. When we feel strong emotions, the body can react in different ways. This explains why we tend to see pimples appear a day before an important job interview. Don’t worry, taking some time out to enjoy guided meditation can help you to handle your response to daily stressors, impacting your stress hormone levels and leading to better sleep, better digestion and better skin.


Use natural beauty products

One of the biggest factors for skin breakouts is the chemical nasties lurking in our most used beauty products. There are thousands of chemicals in your tubes, tubs and bottles, and we’d like to bet that you don’t know what half of them are. Ingredients such as parabens, triclosan, and sodium lauryl sulfate are the most common and have been proven to lead to a host of issues not just with our skin but with what’s going on inside our bodies. With a myriad of natural, organic beauty products on the market today, such as those by Tropic Skincare, now is the time to make the switch. The general rule is: if you don’t recognise the ingredient, don’t buy the product.



5 Things to do in Las Vegas

So it’s the taste of Sin City you’re after! The middle of Nevada’s Mojave Desert is your destination. Home to some of the world’s largest hotels, world renowned entertainment shows, the prestigious gambling tables of the most well known casinos, the dazzling strip and of course the jaw dropping Grand Canyon. If you’re somehow managing to contain your excitement its okay, that wont last much longer! Here are some suggestions of things to when visiting the city that, for those who haven’t been, is certain to be on many peoples bucket list:

Casinos – With the first casino built in 1931, Las Vegas has grown into the ‘Gambling Capital of the World’ with the largest strip of casinos in the world. The Annual World Series of Poker is played in the ‘City of Light’, which gives visitors the opportunity to see how the pros play. With many of the pros residing in the city, it isn’t unknown for visitors to have the chance to play against them.

Live Entertainment – Having plenty of live venues scattered in and around the strip, Vegas offers more than enough live entertainment for everyone. With music concerts, comedy shows, magic shows, Broadway and much more; all featuring some of the biggest stars, past and present, it is no wonder why most considerer it the new ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’.

Sport – Playing host to some of the greatest moments in boxing and UFC history there is always the chance to experience the next pivotal moment in sporting history. Also housing its own National Hockey League team, there is the opportunity to experience top-level ice hockey when taking a break from the tables. Or if it’s relaxing you’re after there are plenty of golf courses to choose from.

The Strip – The 4.2 mile stretch is one of the main features when visiting the ‘City of Light’. With most of the cities hotels and casinos, featuring blinding neon light billboards and breath-taking fountain choreography for all to see, there is never a dull moment. Featured as the set to countless great films, ‘Americas Playground’ offers you the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of some of your favorite actors and characters from your favorite films.

Resorts – Recognized the world over as a major resort city, Vegas contains 8 of the 10 largest hotels in the world. With most boasting their own casinos, arenas, restaurants and shops, there is no need to venture outside of the resort if you don’t want to.

Here’s How Airport Hotels Get Travel Off To The Right Start

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For some strange reason when we head off on holiday or any type of travel the start of our journey can be stressful. This is pretty much the opposite of what a holiday should be! We’ve all been there; scrambling around for a lost passport, getting stuck in traffic, missing the alarm clock and many other factors that make us even more stressed that we should be.


The whole idea of heading overseas is to escape the rat race, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax. So we should be doing everything in our powers to get the trip off to the right start.


In recent years I think I have found the best thing you can do to get your trip off to the right start. The great thing is that it really couldn’t be easier – book an airport hotel the night before your flights! Yep, that’s as simple as it gets, just hop online and book a hotel. I guarantee that you will feel so relaxed when you travel it’s almost unbelievable.


Here are 3 reasons why I think we should all take advantage of the convenience these hotels have to offer.


No Stress

This is one of the main reasons for staying – there’s no stress. You’re not rushing to make your flight because you’re just a few minutes away from the airport eating dinner the night before you fly. You feel like you have so much more time to prepare, you’re not flying down the motorway, you go at a leisurely pace and everyone in the group is so much happier.


Use The Facilities

If you’re taking a long haul flight then you’re going be spending a lot of time on the plane. So make sure you take advantage of all the facilities at the hotel. I like to go for a light jog in the gym, do a few laps of the pool, relax in the sauna/steam room and finally get an hour long massage. Any of those or all of them, will leave your body in the best possible shape for your long flight.


The Morning of The Flight

Here’s where it’s the opposite of leaving from home. Wake up early, stroll down to the lavish breakfast buffet and eat in a leisurely fashion. On the way up to the room ask the concierge to come and collect your bags 10 mins before you leave and book the airport transfer for the group. That sounds like the perfect way to start a holiday for me!

Give Up Your Crammed Closet And Enjoy The Luxury Of A Wardrobe

When you reach into your closet to find the day’s outfit, do you find yourself mangling shirts and dresses just trying to pull something out? Do you go shopping only to leave everything behind when you realize you couldn’t possibly fit anything else into your closet? Even when you do a thorough cull of your clothes, it still seems like you couldn’t possibly find more room in your closet. Living with a small closet is a problem for anyone who’s serious about fashion and loves to change up their outfits. There’s no silver bullet to living with a small closet, but if you take all of these steps you might finally find some breathing room.

1) Get Real About Decluttering


You don’t have to take Marie Kondo’s approach to make room in your closet, but there are some helpful tips in all those books about minimalism. Start by getting rid of everything that doesn’t fit. Next, move onto everything that’s in season but that you still haven’t worn in awhile. If you really can’t bear to give it up, force yourself to wear it for a day. If it doesn’t feel right, send it into the donation pile.


2) Use More Floor Space


Full-length clothes can take up all of the floor space in your closet and eat up a lot of useful room. Instead of giving up all that space that could be used for shoes or baskets that can hold towels, linens, or any clothes you can fold up to put away, arrange your closet by length, with the full-length stuff all to one side. That should free up a lot of space where you can make use of the floor.


3) Buy a Wardrobe


If no amount of organizing and decluttering can make a dent in your closet, you might just need to add more storage space. One great way to add more space for outfits is to buy a wardrobe for your bedroom where you can hang and stack clothes. You can put a wardrobe anywhere you want and take it with you when you move, adding closet space anywhere you call home.


4) Use Shelf Dividers


You can make more out of the upper shelves in your closet using shelf dividers or baskets. Shelf dividers make it easy to stack folded clothes without having them constantly collapsing, or to store handbags. Avoid storing anything too heavy or cumbersome on the upper shelves.


5) Multi-tiered Hangers


Multi-tiered hangers let you hang more shirts from a single hook. Most clothes are fairly thin and you could stack a lot of them into a closet. The problem is the space that the hangers themselves take up. Multi-tiered hangers give you more clothes per hook.


Keeping your closet under control is no simple task, but with these tips, you can find a lot of room you didn’t know you had.

Cannabis Fitness: How Weed can Improve your Workout

All Information Displayed In This Post Is For Educational Purposes Only, And Is Not To Be Construed As Medical Advice Or Treatment For Any Specific Person Or Condition. Cannabis Has Not Been Analyzed Or Approved By The FDA. Individual Results May Vary.

Since medical and recreational cannabis reached a state of ubiquity in the last few years, with nearly each state in the union allowing some form of legal cannabis, health nuts and weed connoisseurs alike began integrating the plant into their regimens. Cannabis infused yoga studios, gyms, and other fitness related areas have popped up in droves in legal states along the west coast and midwest, so what’s the big deal about weed for workouts?


First and foremost, cannabis affects everyone differently. Integrating the substance into one’s exercise routine may work for some and not for others. With that said, cannabis can be beneficial both pre and post workout for a variety of reasons, but it depends on the type of cannabis you use. Different strains produce different effects. Continue reading to learn how cannabis acts with your body, what strains provide different benefits, and how they may help you achieve your fitness goals.

Certain cannabis strains interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system in different ways, producing different effects


Without going to deep into canna science, weed works with your body’s endocannabinoid system, or EC, to produce the effects commonly associated with cannabis.

The EC regulates processes that take place in your body, like mood, appetite, pain sensation, memory, among others. The EC has receptors that cannabis chemicals called cannabinoids bind onto. These includes THC and CBD, known to produce effects often associated with cannabis’ high and its pain relieving, anti inflammatory properties respectively. When you inhale cannabis,  these chemicals bind to your EC and produce their effects.


But what are these effects, and how can they help improve your workout?


Cannabis Sativa strains provide energy, stimulation, and distract users from workout fatigue, and pain. 


If you’re the type of person who has trouble getting your workout started, especially early in the day, a sativa heavy strain may be just the cup of coffee you need to invigorate your workout and get off to a great start. Often colored with vibrant greens and orange hairs, Cannabis sativa dominant strains have large amounts of THC, the chemical associated with cannabis’ high. For many, this euphoric high can help improve endurance during athletic performance or workouts.

In fact, the chemical process behind “the runner’s high” may help explain why THC and sativa dominant strains are so good for stimulating workouts. When you perform a rigorous workout or run, your body produces natural cannabinoids, like anandamide, in large amounts. These interact with your EC to produce the “runner’s high.” The runner’s high, “whether natural or marijuana induced—can minimize distraction and help exercise be not just a means to an end but an enjoyment,” according to Eckerd College Biology professor Gregory Gerdeman.


But what about post workout? Can cannabis help with workout recovery?


Indica dominant strains provide pain relief and sleep aid to help your recovery 


While sativa dominant strains appear in bright greens with pungent, citrus odors, indica dominant cannabis strains often appear with darker, brownish and yellow tones. If you just completed a long, strenuous workout and your muscles are sore and in need of rest, an indica may be the right workout weed for you. In direct contrast to sativa’s mind first effects, indica dominant strains provide relief to the body.


Known to have high amounts of myrcene, a hoppy terpene found in cannabis that smells sort of skunky, indica dominant strains, have sleep inducing, pain relieving effects.


Myrcene can be thanked for the moniker “couch lock” effect associated with cannabis. By binding to your EC system, indica strains provide a pain dulling, relaxing, sleep inducing effect perfect for helping you fall asleep after a vigorous workout left you sore. Indica strains are a good go to for pain relief as well as physical rest, which is important for muscle growth. When you wake up the next day, indica cannabis strains will leave you refreshed and ready for your next workout.


But what if you want to take advantage of cannabis’ workout benefits without getting high?


CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical in cannabis that reduces inflammation, stress, and body harmony 


Many health and fitness enthusiasts shy away from cannabis as a workout remedy because they wish to avoid the “high” that comes with using weed.

Luckily, CBD, or cannabidiol, provides much of the same benefits without the THC induced high. CBD is the second most abundant chemical in cannabis, and recently CBD has been acknowledged as a legal, non psychoactive dietary supplement in all 50 states. You can find CBD in many topical creams, and it’s useful for reducing inflammation that accompanies workouts. By curbing post workout soreness, CBD can improve flexibility and overall wellbeing for tomorrow.

Cannabis has many uses when it comes to fitness


While cannabis certainly isn’t right for everyone, the efficacy the plant has a workout supplement should not be ignored.


Cannabis can aid in workout endurance, workout recovery, and workout quality. If you are interested in incorporating cannabis into your workout regimen, ask yourself what benefits you wish to seek and search out a strain, like an indica versus a sativa, that can provide those benefits. Want to share your experience working out using cannabis, please feel free to comment below!

About the Author

Chris Matich is a professional writer, journalist, and editor living in Pittsburgh, PA. Chris blogs for His writing interests include LGBT+ people/issues, sports writing, and blogging. Chris currently writes about web optimization, blogging practices, medical cannabis, and cannabis lifestyle. He writes fiction and creative nonfiction in his spare time. Linkedin, Twitter

7 Common Misconceptions about Medical Negligence

Medical negligence raises the spectre of horrific medical mistakes and people left to die by NHS staff too busy to take care of them. While medical negligence does encompass these cases and far more, there are seven common misconceptions about medical negligence that often prevent victims from seeking assistance or getting the right type of help. We’ll also tell you the truth about your options when it comes to medical negligence cases.

It’s My Fault, and I Have to Live with It

One common misconception is that you shouldn’t bother doing anything except living with the consequences because of a mistake. Maybe you didn’t recognize that your child’s chronic ear ache was a middle ear infection and caused permanent hearing damage or you went to the doctor for that mole but didn’t bring up other concerns, so the cancer was missed. You didn’t mention all of the medical symptoms you had to the nurse, so the problem became worse after you went home with an incorrect set of medication. Or you didn’t put an allergy warning bracelet on mum or your son and they nearly died of an allergic reaction.

While you have a hand in all these situations, you should never deny yourself the potential compensation you could receive because you weren’t omniscient or infallible. Consult with one of the best medical negligence solicitors in the UK and learn about your options. You might still be eligible for compensation depending on the case.

I Don’t Have a Case, I Shouldn’t Even Try

There are times that people are aware of a situation, but decide they don’t have a case, so they don’t even bother talking to a lawyer. It was a rare form of cancer missed by the doctors during a routine exam, so it really isn’t anyone’s fault. The staff in the NHS are overworked, so mistakes are inevitable; we should just take their offer of palliative care or corrective treatment and go on with life. Infections after surgery are a known risk, so we shouldn’t bother with a medical negligence case.

It Is More Stress to File a Claim than Live with It

A serious misconception is a mistaken belief that it is very stressful to file a medical negligence claim. Thus, they live with the problems the medical negligence created instead of seeking compensation for out of pocket costs or lost wages because they are afraid of long drawn-out trials and stressful investigations. This couldn’t be farther from the truth if you’re working with the right medical negligence solicitors.

A good solicitor will handle most of the work for you, whether requisitioning documents or filing forms with the court. You may need to turn over your financial statements and medical bills or go for a second medical evaluation, but this is nothing compared to living with the pain, suffering, and financial losses that often accompany medical negligence.

In some cases, they’re afraid of spending a fortune on legal bills. In reality, the no win no fee structure means you probably don’t have to pay anything out of pocket at all. And the settlement negotiated by good medical negligence solicitors ensure that you have sufficient money left over for medical bills and other costs after the solicitor takes their cut. Don’t let the fear of a hefty legal bill prevent you from seeking legal advice.

I Have to Go to Court

A misconception closely related to the “it’s more stress to file a claim than live with it” is the fear of going to court. They’ve watched too many court dramas and are afraid of being torn apart on the stand. In reality, most medical negligence cases are settled without ever going to court. Even if a court date is set, many opponents decide to settle before anyone steps foot in a courtroom. If the issue does go to court, your solicitor may be able to handle everything on your behalf.

There Are Too Many People Involved to Find a Solution

There are times when it is difficult to determine who made the mistake in the first place. Did your doctor prescribe the wrong medicine or did the pharmacy read the prescription wrong? Is it your fault for not mentioning complimentary treatments you’re receiving, the doctor’s fault for not ordering specific tests, or something else? If your family member suffered complications after medical treatment, was it due to inadequate instructions on post-operative care, infections that one is at risk of when visiting a facility, or a home caregiver’s errors?

In some cases, you were aware of a problem and sought advice from multiple medical practitioners. When the condition is finally diagnosed, it may seem impossible to assign blame for the repeated misdiagnoses. However, good medical negligence lawyers can review your medical forms and identify the responsible party or parties. And yes, you do have a case if liability is split between several parties.

Don’t File a Negligence Claim Because It Will Hurt the Hospital

Don’t sit back and suffer because you think that the medical negligence claim will hurt the hospital. They hurt you through their mistakes and you have the right to redress. And payment for medical malpractice claims will not bankrupt a hospital. However, the hope of avoiding future claims gives hospitals a reason to improve their quality of care.

So, ultimately, you’ll be helping the community at large by keeping the hospital on notice. From now on, the staff may decide to improve their services for fear of another case being filed. Sitting idly by helps them avoid prosecution and they might brush the whole issue under the rug.

I Can File a Claim at Any Time

Some people may wrongfully think that because a possible negligence was recorded, you make a claim at any time. But you have a three-year window for filing a medical negligence claim UK, though there is some leeway for cases filed involving children who were injured at birth. Don’t assume you can try to live with it for another year or two to see if things get better. Consult with a medical negligence solicitor or use websites such as for information and contact details to ensure that you can file a claim.


Don’t assume that because you played a contributing role in the medical problem that landed someone in the hospital or made a mistake at some point dealing with the problem that you have no recourse. It is possible that you don’t have a legally valid medical negligence case, but this concern shouldn’t prevent you from consulting with a lawyer to find out if you have a case.

You don’t need to be afraid of going to court since most medical negligence UK cases are settled outside of court and you’ll have a good solicitor with you to handle everything if it does go to court. If there are several different groups to blame, you can still pursue a settlement from one or all of them, depending on their liability. Don’t sit back and live with the pain because you’re afraid to hurt the hospital. Don’t wait to seek legal advice if you have a medical negligence case.


5 Places in Mumbai Every Vada Pav Lover Must Visit

5 Places in Mumbai Every Vada Pav Lover Must Visit

Vada Pav is life for many Mumbaikars while just a quick breakfast option for some. A delicious, spicy and reasonably priced snack, vada pav is stuffed with potato and served with green chilli and chutney. Everyone loves eating it. If you are coming from Bangalore to Mumbai, then you must try this lip-smacking snack. Book Bangalore to Mumbai cheap air tickets so that you don’t miss the opportunity to explore the madness that lies within the city. Here is a list of some places that have the best vada pavs. Vada Pav is the most sought food item for people in a fast-paced city.


  • Graduate Vada Pav, Outside Byculla West Station


The tiny stall is the best place for people getting late for their jobs. The joint has been here for 20 years now serving vada pav with a variation of chutneys. The owner operates from a small stall with an aim to feed the fast-moving crowd of the city. The special garlic sauce with samosa pav at the stall is a must try. The USP of the place is the freshly fried vadas which are served to around 2000 people every day. The owners continue to operate from a tiny stall and refuse to upgrade because, in turn, they might lose some valuable customers.



  • Ashok Vada Pav, Prabhadevi


This joint has been in operation for more than 30 years now and is well known for its lip smacking vada pavs. The taste of Vada Pav has been the same for these long years, and this is what attracts the customers. The place has been famous among the Bollywood celebrities who have been here to relish the delicious Vada Pavs. The owner of the place claims to use around 40 ingredients to make the dish along with some chutneys. Many domestic and international magazines have mentioned this joint as the best one.



  • Aram Vada Pav, Opp CST Station


Aram Vada Pav is located in the middle of the city and is a success among the commuters who flock in and out of the station. Rajiv Gandhi and Bal Thackeray are among those who have been treated with the scrumptious Vada Pav. It is the most iconic stall in the city selling mouth-watering vada pavs for over 60 years now. The taste is real and authentic which makes you eat it again and again. Schezwan cheese grill vada pav is a delightful explosion of cheese, vada and schezwan sauce in your mouth.



  • Anand Vada Pav, Opp Mithibai College


Anand Vada Pav has a fan following. The spicy and crispy dish served here is difficult to forget. Flooded with the crowd of the college all the time, the joint is the top one to grab humble street food. The Cheese Mayonnaise Vada Pav is an instant hit among the students and elders who swarm the place for this craving Vada Pav.



  • Jai Maharashtra Vada Pav, Apna Bazar


This stall has been dishing out delicious Vada Pavs for over 50 years now. The dish is unique and yummy because of the well-kept secret recipe of the owner’s grandmother. American Chef Mathews couldn’t resist featuring Jai Maharashtra Vada Pav in one of his videos. The remarkably unique Vada Pavs are sold more than 1000 in number daily.

Vada Pav is the first thing that pops into our mind when we think of Mumbai. In the past times, it was just poor man’s food, but now it has gained popularity. Everyone, be it rich or poor are now seen on the streets of Aamchi Mumbai enjoying Vada pav. Book Bangalore to Mumbai flight tickets so that you can bring your family here for this heavenly snack.


Planning a Spectacular Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner

If you will be hosting your friends and family for a Christmas Eve dinner, you may find your thoughts racing. The issue may not be that you cannot come up with any ideas for a Christmas Eve dinner. The problem may be you seem to have a terribly long mental list of possibilities for a dinner at your home.

With this in mind, you may be feeling an elevation of stress levels. This may stem from the fact that many of the Christmas Eve dinner options you have contemplated all seem rather complicated. Preparing a sit down meal for this important holiday can be challenging.

One easier course you can take in hosting a magnificent Christmas Eve dinner is serving a buffet. When it comes to planning a spectacular Christmas Eve buffet dinner, there are a number of tips to bear in mind.


Creating a Perfect Buffet Tablescape


You may have already figured out how you will tablescape the table or tables at which your guests will actually dine. However, you may have yet to contemplate what you will do to tablescape the buffet table itself.

Time and again, a person hosting a Christmas Eve buffet dinner gives no thought to a tablescape for the buffet table. You actually can add even more festivity to your dinner by taking the time to tablescape the buffet table itself.

When considering what to do with the buffet table, you will want to take the initial step of creating a food service map. You really do want to figure out what food items will be placed where. From that map, you can build tablescape around the particular items that well be served. This process ties in well with preparing as much of the food beforehand as possible.

The tablescape itself can reflect other decorating themes that have used in (and even outside) your residence this holiday season. For example, if you are emphasizing silver, carry that through to the items you utilize in tablescaping the buffet table. For example, you might want to include silver ornaments or silver bells about the buffet table.


A Varied and Yet Simple Menu is Perfect


Speaking of the menu, you can present the perfect table by sticking with a varied, and yet simple menu. You do not need to present over the top dishes, items that your guests have never heard of. Certainly, if you are like most people, you want to impress your dinner guests. In the final analysis, you will most impress them by serving a varied selection of delectable items that are familiar to them as opposed to things that are unrecognizable.


Open Your House for Dining


Many homes in this day and age are constructed, or have been remodeled, to include great rooms. If you have a home designed in this manner, you already likely have a flow from a dining area into a space used for multiple purposes. This sets up well to allow for multiple niches in which your guests can dine. This becomes necessary when the number of dinner guests outpaces the seating that can be managed at the dining table.

If your house is not structured in this manner, think outside the box when it comes to arranging seating for your dinner guests. Short of seating your guests in bed or bath rooms, you really can make any room in your house work as a dining space for a well attended Christmas Eve buffet dinner.


Set a Separate Spread for Desserts


A way you can add an element of suspense to your Christmas Eve buffet dinner is holding off presenting the dessert plates until after the main meal has finished. While you may not want to clear off the main buffet table because folks like to keep nibbling at holiday meals, consider a separate space where you can efficiently set up the dessert selections at the proper point in time.

As an aside, even if you are intent on preparing the meal yourself and do not want to go the potluck route, consider something different for desserts. Let your guests know that they are welcome (or encouraged) to bring a selection of their own Christmas treats to show off and share with your dinner guests.


Music Matters


The sounds of Christmas are as important as the sights and tastes of this special holiday. Therefore, when it comes to planning a marvelous Christmas Eve buffet, don’t overlook the music.

In the digital age, when it comes to the sounds of the season, your options for Christmas music is endless. Indeed, you can create your own customized soundtrack that can automatically run throughout your buffet.


Jessica Kane is a writer for Silver Superstore, home of the internet’s silver Christmas ornaments.


Five Important Benefits of Commercial Headshots for Your Small Business

If you own a small business, you must never underestimate the vital importance of taking all steps possible to best establish your brand with your potential consumers. In many instances, the key members of your business’ team play a significant, even a primary, role in establishing the brand of your business.

The presence of respected individual’s on your business’ team conveys a powerfully positive message to prospective, as well as existing, clients or customers. One strategy that you will want to consider employing in the development and enhancement of your brand is presenting your team to the public. One way in which you can effectively undertake this effort is through the use of high-quality images of your team members.

Commercial headshots are a major part of this effort. There are five important benefits to be derived from the use of commercial headshots of the team when it comes to the branding, and ultimate success, of your small business enterprise.


Commercial Headshots are Effective Means of Introduction


A key benefit derived from the use of commercial headshots of your small business’ team is that they serve as a beautiful means of introducing them to the public. As was noted, the team you assemble for your enterprise can end up being the biggest selling point for your business.

When it comes to presenting your team to the public, to potential clients or customers, using a textual biography is all well and good. The reality is that very few people will check out a biography, and fewer still will digest the whole thing.

The surest way that you can introduce to the public the marvelous team you’ve assembled for your business is through the use of striking commercial headshots, combined with concisely written bios.


Commercial Headshots Tell a Story


A headshot need not be a dull image. Seeking the assistance of a commercial photographer to take photos of your business’ team ensures that the final products will be compelling images that will capture attention.

By working with a commercial photographer, you can take advantage of an experienced professional who can craft a perfect setting for your team’s headshots. In addition, an experienced photographer will assist in addressing other issues, like wardrobe selection for headshots.

In the final analysis, with the professional assistance of a commercial photographer, the headshots of the team are created in such a way that they tell a story, two stories in fact. First, they will tell the stories of each individual team member. Second, these images will also help to convey the positive story of your business enterprise, in a most compelling way.


A Commercial Headshot is a Meaningful Investment


If you are like virtually all business owners, you keep close attention to the bottom line. You don’t make unnecessary expenditures. For example, you may initially balk at the idea of hiring a commercial photographer to take photos of your team. You may even shrug your shoulders and initially conclude that selfies will do.

As an aside, selfies will not do. Yes, selfies can provide interesting and even entertaining additions to blog and social media posts. However, by definition, they are not precisely crafted in a manner to add the type of value to images that can be realized via commercial photography.

The reality is that hiring a commercial photographer to do headshots for the team is a worthwhile investment in your business. With the use of commercial headshots of the time, you will actually work to increase the number of people who patronize your business. You will increase the revenue, and profit, of your business. In short, the investment in a commercial photographer will more than pay for itself over time — and not that significant of a time a period.


Commercial Headshots and Social Media Marketing


A moment ago, mention was made of the use of selfies in blogs and social media posts. Selfies for have a role in social media marketing.

With that said, commercial headshots care also invaluable when it comes to social media marketing. For example, if your business’ team is going to be involved in social media efforts for your products or services, they must have a professional looking headshot adoring their profiles.


Wide Array of Practical Uses for Commercial Headshots


Beyond social media and the company website, there exists a wide array of other practice uses for commercial headshots. These include their use in email campaigns, printed materials, and business-related videos. Indeed, the use of commercial headshots of your business’ team is only constrained by the imagination.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who focuses on personal finance and other money matters. She currently writes for, where you can get personal checks and business checks.


Top Sites To Visit In Canada

Canada is easily one of the best destinations in the world. I have been fortunate enough to visit this amazing country on several occasions, each time I go back I find myself loving the place even more.

I think that there’s no other way to have the full Canadian experience than by checking out the country’s most cultural and famous places. I always take a look at which landmarks are in the area before booking one of many mansions in Canada for our family holiday.

Here are the top 5 landmarks that we love to visit when we’re in Canada. Every single landmark on our top 5 list is an ideal destination for every type of holiday. I promise that when you learn more about the country you will fall in love with it just as I did.

Niagara Falls

I think it’s only fair that the most famous falls in the world gets to top the list. It’s located between the US and Canada, right on the border of both countries. I think that the Niagara Falls give every visitor the most jaw dropping views. Your experience of this impressive will depend on which season you visit. If you head there during the summer you will be able to enjoy many attractions in the city, our favourites are the boat tours and also the Skywheel. Don’t forget to pack a waterproof jacket if you hop on one of the boat tours because you’ll be super close to the falls. Head to the top of the sky tower to get beautiful views of the Niagara Falls. If you’re there in the winter months you might actually see the falls have frozen over. Which ever season you choose you are bound to have an amazing experience.

The Hockey Hall of Fame

No trip to Canada would be complete without trying to learn about the national sport – Ice Hockey (Just ‘hockey’ if you’re in Canada). It’s a good idea to get to grips with it all because it means you’ll have a great time watching it live or in a bar with the locals. There is no better place to start than the Hockey Hall of Fame which is located in the downtown area of Toronto. It’s such an interesting place and it’s dedicated to remembering past stars and the rich history of hockey. I love walking in to the Great Hall here because it’s the place where the impressive major NHL trophies are kept on display. If you fancy trying your hand and playing the game for real, you will absolutely love your time in the Play Zone. The play zone gives you the opportunity to feel the thrill of being a goalie or you can play a virtual game where you have to beat a computer controlled goalie. Other parts of the museum you can’t miss are the Puck Wall of Fame and of course the replica of the Canadian Dressing Room.

The CN Tower

You might not know the name, but I think you’ll certainly recognise the most famous landmark in Toronto. The CN Tower should always be your first port of call when you’re discovering what Toronto has to offer. Not so long ago the tower was the tallest tower on the planet, it stands 553.33 meters tall. The ideal time to visit is sunset, this gives you the chance to see the city during daylight and watch it change into night when the lights illuminate the city. If you really want to push the boat out and spoil yourself then book a table at the 360 restaurant, there aren’t many places in the world that can rival the view whilst you dine.

The Canadian Rockies

How can this iconic place not make any top 5 list for Canada? You can visit the Rockies by car but I strongly recommend that you take the train, it is one of the best train journeys in the world. Located in British Columbia, the Rockies boast breathtaking views plus wildlife and the bluest lakes you’ll ever see. There are loads of activities and places to visit here, hiking and boating are some of my favourites but it’s impossible to list everything here because there are so many choices! If you’re a lover of breathtaking views then you MUST make sure you head to Jasper National park and hop on the brilliant Jasper Tramway to make it extra special.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

I have a real fear of heights so I was surprised how much I loved my time on the suspension bridge. Leave the fear at the door and head off on a super adventure through nature along the famous suspension bridge. As you make your way across the bridge you will find yourself standing high amongst the trees, at the same time listening to the soundtrack which is provided by the delightful sounds of the wild nature that surrounds you. Don’t forget to go for an adventure on both the treetop adventure and also the cliff walk. It’s great to be up in the treetops because it gives you a real insight into the lives of the animals in the rainforest.

Have you been lucky enough to visit Canada in the past? I would love to hear all about your experiences, tips and thoughts. Just pop your comment in the box below this article. I am really looking forward to reading everything you have to share, hoping to pick up a few tips too!