Best Bars in NYC

If you like to party or simply kick back with a great beer whilst reading the newspaper, then NYC is the place for you. The city has so many great bars to choose from, they are so diverse and varied that there is something for everyone and every taste.

I enjoyed researching for this article, as you can imagine it was fun heading around the big apple and having an obligatory drink in each bar.

Here are the bars that you need to check out when you hit NYC!

169 Bar – Chinatown

Everyone loves a good dive bar, but the 169 Soul Jazz Oyster Bar beats any other kind of dive bar you’ve seen. There are cheap drinks, a leopard print 8-ball table, and some interesting décor – this place is Chinatown staple.

7B – East Village

This bar is also known as the Horseshoe bar because of the shape of the awesome wooden bar. 7B is one of the last remaining relics of the grunge that used to dominate the east village.

ABC Beer Co. – Alphabet City

This is a bar and also a boutique beer shop, it’s a place where the low key beer lovers among us flock to. ABC is known for it’s well chosen 12 beers it has on tap, they regularly rotate so you’ll always have something new to try. They’ve got some great sandwiches and then there’s the mind blowing fridge stacked with beer! There’s free Wi-Fi too!

Angel’s Share – East Village

This Japanese cocktails lounge can be tricky to find, it’s hidden behind an unmarked door right in the back of the Village Yokocho restaurant. The place has been going for 25 years now and it’s popular for it’s extravagant drinks. Try out the cocktail Smoke Gets in Your Eyes if you want something special.

Bar Sixtyfive – Midtown

Even if you live in New York it’s still fun to try out the touristy things now and then. Bar SixtyFive is definitely one of those touristy things! It’s located, as it’s name suggests, on the 65th floor of the famous Rockefeller Center. As you can imagine, the prices are very high indeed, but the food is good, the cocktails great and the view is even better.

Come on New Yorkers, tell me which is your favourite watering hole in our great city. Where’s the best beer, cocktail or wine in NYC?

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