Yurts Aren’t Only in Mongolia – Glamping in the States

Have you ever thought about staying in a yurt for your holiday? Well, in the past you’d probably have head all the way to Mongolia to get a unique yurt experience. Now it’s much easier, in fact yurt camping in the U.S.A. is all the rage these days. Just have a look at the Glamping Hub to see what’s on offer.

If you’re searching for something special to do this summer then living in a yurt will give you the most perfect glamping adventure. You might be used to camping but yurts will really raise the bar for camping enthusiasts.

If you think of experiencing nature in luxury, your mind will instantly think of a cabin or cottage. A yurt will give you a rustic experience, but not compromise on comfort or luxury.

Here’s why you should try this unique experience for your next summer holiday:

It’s affordable

More often than not, staying in a yurt is a lot cheaper than a cabin or hotel. You can find deals out there right now for as little as $100 per night – that’s not per person but for as many as 6 people! That will get you everything you need to have a great experience in a comfortable yurt.

Connect with nature

Sleeping outside under the stars is a nice experience, but there are certainly times when you need to have a roof over your head. Yurts offer the best way to combine open air camping and cabin living. You’ll have a solid roof to keep you dry, but you’ll still be able to hear the wildlife outside. Some will even have a skylight to let the sun shine in and see the stars at night.

Experience a glamping holiday

Glamping is camping but with an upgrade. Yurts will have beautiful hardwood floors, large beds, fridges, plenty of space and also a BBA area. You get all the comforts of home and still get the real experience of living in nature.

Brings everyone together

If you stay in a hotel or a cabin your group will be separated most of the time. In a large yurt a family can stay together, as one, very comfortably. When you all live in the same room you can play games, chat and have quality time together – this is something often lacking in our lives today. With your own BBQ area it’s also very easy for you to sit around creating special memories.

Explore with ease

When you’re in a new place, surrounded by nature you will always want to head out and explore. The yurt resorts will have lots of activities for you to try out and great recommendations for family hikes. It’s a great way for the family to bond before heading back to the campfire to chat about the adventure you all had.

Great Black Female Bloggers to Follow

The blogging world has really taken off in the last few years. I’d go as far as saying that there are so many bloggers out there that it’s tricky working out who to follow. So where is the best place to find blogs that are run by great black female bloggers?

I’ve complied a list of my top 5. This is by no means the only 5 great black female bloggers that you should follow, but they should certainly be on your radar.

Oneika Raymond – Travel Blogger

Onieka Raymond produces some of the most captivating travel stories you will ever come across. Her blog is called Onika The Traveller, there she shares her brilliant travel stories whilst she travels around the globe. Oneika has visited over 90 countries and she’s not done yet!

Abiola Abrams – Motivational Blogger

Abiola is a very well known author, motivational speaker and also a tv host. Her blog is called Abiola Sacred Bombshell, it has everything you need to love yourself, wellness and spiritual well being. There’s so much empowerment on there for black women. It’s the blog to visit if you truly want to love yourself and be all you can be.

Erika Nicole Kendall – Fitness Blogger

This blog was started initially to please her mum but it turned into a complete life changer for Erika. She originally planned to start losing weight in order to make her mum happy. Her blog is called Black Girls Guide To Weight Loss. On the blog she gives you an in depth account of her own weight loss journey and what she has learned. Not only a blogger but also a successful personal trainer, this is one fitness blogger to follow. 

Brittany Minor – Beauty Blogger

Brittany is the creator of the blog Clumps of Mascara, it is the place to go if you want to find out everything and anything about makeup. She has the best advice and product reviews on the Internet for black women, whether they are a pro or just a beginner. As you can tell from the name of her blog, she has reviewed hundreds of types of Mascara, your go to girl!

Luvvie Ajayi – Comedy Blogger

Everyone needs to laugh, it’s healthy! You only need to spend a few minutes reading Luvvie’s blog to start chuckling. Check out Awesome Luvvie if you need a daily dose of laughter to lift your spirits.