How to spend a weekend in NYC

If you’re planning to head to NYC but you’re not sure of what to see and where to go, then read on for the perfect guide to maximize your time in the big apple.

Here’s a 1 day itinerary that will give you the best weekend that NYC has to offer!

1 Day Whirlwind Tour Of NYC

Big Bus New York SightSeeing Tour

The best way to get around the city is by getting on one of the sightseeing buses, you can hop on and off the bus, allowing you to see everything NYC has to offer. The tour guide will also fill you in on all the important info as you travel around the city.

The Guggenheim Museum

Heading to one of the most iconic museums in the world is something all visitors should do. It’s just been renovated which makes it even better than before! Stroll around and marvel at the work of Calder, Picasso, Van Gogh and many others.

Lunch in Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is jam packed with amazing restaurants to choose from. You can’t really choose a bad one here, but if I had to recommend I would head to Candle Café or Le Pain Quotidien.

Central Park

You’ll be close to the most famous park in the world after lunch so you should explore the beautiful green space of NYC. I’d leave around 30 minutes to explore Central Park. If you fancy it, you could even bring a picnic and have lunch in the park.

Lady Liberty Cruise

Hop on Circle Line’s Lady Liberty Cruise, it’s the best way to see the most famous lady in NYC! You’ve seen it in the movies, on documentaries and on postcards, so now it’s time for you to check it out with your own eyes. The cruise will also take you past a number of other great sites.

 9/11 Memorial and Museum

Leaving an hour to see the 9/11 memorial and museum is very worth while. The images of that day are etched in everyone’s minds, so it’s an emotional visit. Many visitors see this as the most important part of their whole trip. 

Dine in Hell’s Kitchen

This neighbor hood was once relatively run down, but now it’s full of the best up and coming restaurants in the city. I would recommend 42nd Street Restaurant and Pizza for your authentic NYC pizza experience.

5 Best Coffee Shops in NYC

Everyone loves coffee and in NYC you are spoilt for choice! Personally I love finding a great little coffee shop where the coffee tastes great, the wifi is good and where I can work all day long.

When you’re in a world class city such as NYC then you’re going to find a very upscale coffee environment. New Yorkers take their coffee very seriously indeed! But a good coffee shop isn’t all about the coffee, it’s also about the service, uniqueness and ambience.

Here are 5 coffee shops you really need to check out if you’re in the Big Apple.

Birch Coffee

These guys don’t only serve what many see as the number one coffee in NYC, but the service and authenticity is also second to none. Birch coffee has a real bustling vibe to it. One of the things I love is the library at the back of the shop where people can take a book or even leave one for others to read.

Toby’s Estate Coffee

This is the first shop opened by the Australian coffee company. It’s always buzzing here, and there’s a range of customers; people working away on their mac, families and also friends chilling out sipping on a great latte.

Happy Bones

Probably the smallest coffee shop on this list, but so quaint it had to be on here. Their roots come from New Zealand, so if you’re looking for a top flat white then this is the place for you. It’s located in the charming streets of Little Italy which just adds to its appeal.

La Colombe Torrefaction

If you like great coffee, an energetic atmosphere and very lively baristas then this has to be the place for you. They have four very successful shops dotted around NYC. It’s so popular that in the morning time you can see the queue going out of the door and round the block!

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

These guys first cracked the NYC coffee scene with an espresso bar inside the Ace Hotel. The benches that are made from old church pews are a site to behold. Add to that the super fast free wifi and an awesome selection of magazines and you know you’re on a winner. They have two locations, if I had to recommend one I’d advise heading to the store on 30 West 8th. You won’t be disappointed, I promise!