French Press, The Stylish Way to do Coffee

If you have been following this page or my social media accounts, then you will know very well that two of my biggest loves in life are coffee, and being stylish. With this sin mind then, it makes absolute sense that whenever I do have my daily coffee, I like to do so in style. Over the last couple of years I have really become an aficionado when it comes to coffee and the instant variety that I survived on for so long, simply doesn’t do it for me anymore.

I wanted to take to you today then, about one of my favorite gadgets in the home, and the only way to really do coffee in style, the French press.

What is a French Press?

If you have never seen a coffee press before, it is basically a jug which has a plunging device with a filter attached. Natural the presses will come in may different shapes and sizes as well as with different colors and different materials used. These presses are designed so that you can make the perfect cup of coffee every time and thanks to the materials which they are made with, they can keep your coffee warmer for longer, perfect for those who love to go back for more.

How to Use The Press?

You don’t need any technical knowledge to use these presses, simply put some coarsely ground coffee into the jug, add some boiling water, allow the coffee to brew until you are ready, and then plunge the filter through the coffee. Once you have plunged the filter, simply serve up the coffee and set to one side until you are ready for more.

Why Go To The Effort?

When compared to coffee machines where you simply hit a button, or indeed instant coffee, the French press does require a little more work from you. The benefits of this way of making coffee however, are far better than its counterparts and this is why it is worth putting that little bit extra effort in. Firstly the flavor is far superior through this way of making coffee than with any other, secondly it looks great and finally, the way in which the press works, you will never get any grit in your coffee after you’ve made it. ¬†Another benefit that I love is also that you don’t have to replace the filter every time like with a percolator!

How to Stay Stylish?

If you want to stay stylish whilst making and drinking your coffee, make sure that you have a good search around for the right French press for you. There is a whole range of presses out there to choose from including brushed or polished steel presses, colorful glass presses and even the Jetsons-esque Aeropress. You can easily find something to match your individual style and the design of your kitchen when looking for a press so that you can stay stylish whilst enjoying your favorite drink.

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