Give Up Your Crammed Closet And Enjoy The Luxury Of A Wardrobe

When you reach into your closet to find the day’s outfit, do you find yourself mangling shirts and dresses just trying to pull something out? Do you go shopping only to leave everything behind when you realize you couldn’t possibly fit anything else into your closet? Even when you do a thorough cull of your clothes, it still seems like you couldn’t possibly find more room in your closet. Living with a small closet is a problem for anyone who’s serious about fashion and loves to change up their outfits. There’s no silver bullet to living with a small closet, but if you take all of these steps you might finally find some breathing room.

1) Get Real About Decluttering


You don’t have to take Marie Kondo’s approach to make room in your closet, but there are some helpful tips in all those books about minimalism. Start by getting rid of everything that doesn’t fit. Next, move onto everything that’s in season but that you still haven’t worn in awhile. If you really can’t bear to give it up, force yourself to wear it for a day. If it doesn’t feel right, send it into the donation pile.


2) Use More Floor Space


Full-length clothes can take up all of the floor space in your closet and eat up a lot of useful room. Instead of giving up all that space that could be used for shoes or baskets that can hold towels, linens, or any clothes you can fold up to put away, arrange your closet by length, with the full-length stuff all to one side. That should free up a lot of space where you can make use of the floor.


3) Buy a Wardrobe


If no amount of organizing and decluttering can make a dent in your closet, you might just need to add more storage space. One great way to add more space for outfits is to buy a wardrobe for your bedroom where you can hang and stack clothes. You can put a wardrobe anywhere you want and take it with you when you move, adding closet space anywhere you call home.


4) Use Shelf Dividers


You can make more out of the upper shelves in your closet using shelf dividers or baskets. Shelf dividers make it easy to stack folded clothes without having them constantly collapsing, or to store handbags. Avoid storing anything too heavy or cumbersome on the upper shelves.


5) Multi-tiered Hangers


Multi-tiered hangers let you hang more shirts from a single hook. Most clothes are fairly thin and you could stack a lot of them into a closet. The problem is the space that the hangers themselves take up. Multi-tiered hangers give you more clothes per hook.


Keeping your closet under control is no simple task, but with these tips, you can find a lot of room you didn’t know you had.

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