Here’s How Airport Hotels Get Travel Off To The Right Start

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For some strange reason when we head off on holiday or any type of travel the start of our journey can be stressful. This is pretty much the opposite of what a holiday should be! We’ve all been there; scrambling around for a lost passport, getting stuck in traffic, missing the alarm clock and many other factors that make us even more stressed that we should be.


The whole idea of heading overseas is to escape the rat race, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax. So we should be doing everything in our powers to get the trip off to the right start.


In recent years I think I have found the best thing you can do to get your trip off to the right start. The great thing is that it really couldn’t be easier – book an airport hotel the night before your flights! Yep, that’s as simple as it gets, just hop online and book a hotel. I guarantee that you will feel so relaxed when you travel it’s almost unbelievable.


Here are 3 reasons why I think we should all take advantage of the convenience these hotels have to offer.


No Stress

This is one of the main reasons for staying – there’s no stress. You’re not rushing to make your flight because you’re just a few minutes away from the airport eating dinner the night before you fly. You feel like you have so much more time to prepare, you’re not flying down the motorway, you go at a leisurely pace and everyone in the group is so much happier.


Use The Facilities

If you’re taking a long haul flight then you’re going be spending a lot of time on the plane. So make sure you take advantage of all the facilities at the hotel. I like to go for a light jog in the gym, do a few laps of the pool, relax in the sauna/steam room and finally get an hour long massage. Any of those or all of them, will leave your body in the best possible shape for your long flight.


The Morning of The Flight

Here’s where it’s the opposite of leaving from home. Wake up early, stroll down to the lavish breakfast buffet and eat in a leisurely fashion. On the way up to the room ask the concierge to come and collect your bags 10 mins before you leave and book the airport transfer for the group. That sounds like the perfect way to start a holiday for me!

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