How to lose Weight With The Help Of Healthy Food

Food  That Are In The Top Celebrity Diet Plans

Different food contains different amount of nutrients, carbohydrates and fats. They effect our body in different ways. Here are various foods which helps us getting rid of extra kilos..


Apple is considered as a best fruit as it helps in losing extra kilos. It is high in fiber and low in calories. They are considered as satisfying and sweet fruit. Florida State University showed that dried apples helped humans to lose weight, as it lowers the cholesterol. Apple contains pectin and antioxidant which might be the reason behind these benefits. You can always have them in your bag while travelling.


Many Indians arent aware of use of brocolli and even didn’t know any vegetable like that exists. Brocolli is a green vegetable which low on calories and high on fibers. A quick recipe can be made out of it. Take one cup brocolli and roast it in olive oil and you can add vegetables into the dish which will help you feel fuller.


Kale is a Brassicaceae vegetable which includes brocolli, cabbage, cauliflower etc. This vegetable is a icon for a good health. It has loads of fiber and vitamin A. It also helps in detoxifying the body. You can use it as salad and as a baked kale chips.


Ancient describes cabbage has a lot of moon power as it generally grows in midnight. Moderns scientists understands that power comes from vitamin C and sulphur content. It is ideal for weight loss as it has approximately 33 calories. Nutritionally, it is low on calories and high on fiber. It is also considered as a smart carbohydrate. Cabbage also fights diseases such as cancer, colon and lung problems.


Cucumber contains vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. It has many health benefits related with it. One of the common benefit of it is lose weight. Calories are the amount of energy taken up from food you eat. It consist of 90 percent of water, these are used mainly in salad and it has no calories. Do you know cucumber is a vital part of Jennifer Lawrence Diet Regime. Isnt that cool?


Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, lots of fibers, calcium, pottasium and magnesium. Half kg of strawberries has approximately 50 calories. They are also loaded with antioxidants that help in reversing inflammation. New study on these berries suggested that eating berries can lead people to eat less calories.


These nuts contain lots of fats( monounsaturated) that release belly fat. They are also loaded with fiber, pottasium and magnesium.

Cottage Cheese

Usually dairy products are not used for losing weight. But one of the best is cottage cheese which has high protiens and less carbohydrate. Eating cheese will make you feel good.


Avocados are special fruits which are high in carbohydrates and healthy fats. They are monounsaturated oleic acid, which helps in burning fat. They can be serve in salads. They are also loaded with fiber and pottasium.


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