I woke up like this, kinda….

Ok, so I didn’t quite wake up like this. This may be the work of 3 hours of mirrors and make-up, still it feels good right?! Anyways, hey everyone, I’m Shan (short for Shaniqua), your not so normal NY city girl making her way in the blogging world, the fashion world, the corporate world and anywhere else I can slay!

It’s not always super easy being an African American in the US, especially not in the current climate, but some people look at obstacles and I look at opportunities. Being the first graduate in my family, I was already off to a good start. Now as the head of marketing for  a fashion house in NYC, my progress is well underway. But I want a voice of my own, not just through my corporate voice, so here I am. Loud, proud and with maybe a lil too much to say…

I hope you guys enjoy my journey, and I hope I can inspire even a few of you, whether you’re a POC, or otherwise. There’s room for all of us up in here, so let’s excel together. And if my writing helps, next skinny latte is on you. Deal? See ya!

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