Planning a Spectacular Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner

If you will be hosting your friends and family for a Christmas Eve dinner, you may find your thoughts racing. The issue may not be that you cannot come up with any ideas for a Christmas Eve dinner. The problem may be you seem to have a terribly long mental list of possibilities for a dinner at your home.

With this in mind, you may be feeling an elevation of stress levels. This may stem from the fact that many of the Christmas Eve dinner options you have contemplated all seem rather complicated. Preparing a sit down meal for this important holiday can be challenging.

One easier course you can take in hosting a magnificent Christmas Eve dinner is serving a buffet. When it comes to planning a spectacular Christmas Eve buffet dinner, there are a number of tips to bear in mind.


Creating a Perfect Buffet Tablescape


You may have already figured out how you will tablescape the table or tables at which your guests will actually dine. However, you may have yet to contemplate what you will do to tablescape the buffet table itself.

Time and again, a person hosting a Christmas Eve buffet dinner gives no thought to a tablescape for the buffet table. You actually can add even more festivity to your dinner by taking the time to tablescape the buffet table itself.

When considering what to do with the buffet table, you will want to take the initial step of creating a food service map. You really do want to figure out what food items will be placed where. From that map, you can build tablescape around the particular items that well be served. This process ties in well with preparing as much of the food beforehand as possible.

The tablescape itself can reflect other decorating themes that have used in (and even outside) your residence this holiday season. For example, if you are emphasizing silver, carry that through to the items you utilize in tablescaping the buffet table. For example, you might want to include silver ornaments or silver bells about the buffet table.


A Varied and Yet Simple Menu is Perfect


Speaking of the menu, you can present the perfect table by sticking with a varied, and yet simple menu. You do not need to present over the top dishes, items that your guests have never heard of. Certainly, if you are like most people, you want to impress your dinner guests. In the final analysis, you will most impress them by serving a varied selection of delectable items that are familiar to them as opposed to things that are unrecognizable.


Open Your House for Dining


Many homes in this day and age are constructed, or have been remodeled, to include great rooms. If you have a home designed in this manner, you already likely have a flow from a dining area into a space used for multiple purposes. This sets up well to allow for multiple niches in which your guests can dine. This becomes necessary when the number of dinner guests outpaces the seating that can be managed at the dining table.

If your house is not structured in this manner, think outside the box when it comes to arranging seating for your dinner guests. Short of seating your guests in bed or bath rooms, you really can make any room in your house work as a dining space for a well attended Christmas Eve buffet dinner.


Set a Separate Spread for Desserts


A way you can add an element of suspense to your Christmas Eve buffet dinner is holding off presenting the dessert plates until after the main meal has finished. While you may not want to clear off the main buffet table because folks like to keep nibbling at holiday meals, consider a separate space where you can efficiently set up the dessert selections at the proper point in time.

As an aside, even if you are intent on preparing the meal yourself and do not want to go the potluck route, consider something different for desserts. Let your guests know that they are welcome (or encouraged) to bring a selection of their own Christmas treats to show off and share with your dinner guests.


Music Matters


The sounds of Christmas are as important as the sights and tastes of this special holiday. Therefore, when it comes to planning a marvelous Christmas Eve buffet, don’t overlook the music.

In the digital age, when it comes to the sounds of the season, your options for Christmas music is endless. Indeed, you can create your own customized soundtrack that can automatically run throughout your buffet.


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