Thailand Is Still One Of The Best Places For A Motorcycle Tour

If you’re looking for one of the most exotic locations in the world where you can enjoy the freedom of a motorcycle, the Thailand should certainly be near the top of any list. Surprisingly there are a lot of bikers out there who are not aware of how amazing motorcycle tours in Thailand truly are. Not only do you get to take in the beauty of this amazing country, but there are so many other things which make it a heaven for motorcyclists.

The quality of the roads are amazing

In Thailand the roads are fantastic for bikers, not only will you find the highways in pristine condition but even in rural areas the roads are in great condition. Of course riding on nice smooth roads is fun, but the experiences come from riding on the less travelled roads. These are roads such as countryside roads, paths through national parks and many other roads that reveal some of the Thailand’s hidden beauty. The one thing I like about the smaller roads is that it’s very rare to see large vehicles on them, such as lorries, this makes things even better and much safer.

Stunning Scenery

So the roads are motorcycle friendly which is great news, the other great news is that it allows you to be more comfortable when taking in the stunning scenery that Thailand has to offer. If you love natural beauty, mountains and jungle then head to the north of Thailand. Places such as Chiang Rai and Nan are blesses with some of the best scenery in the whole of South East Asia. If you listen to the locals or have a good guide, you’ll be able to pass by waterfalls, rivers and ride along beautiful winding roads. Stop off as much as you can to take pictures and just appreciate what is there in front of you – that’s the beauty of having a bike, the freedom to stop whenever you like.


The accommodation in Thailand is absolutely fantastic no matter which part of the country you are in. There is something to fit every budget and every type of traveller. The best part is that the rates are superb, especially the more rural that you go. If you want you can have a bit of fun and not book anything in advance and just ride until you find something that suits you – again that feeling of freedom just adds to any biking trip!

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