This Summer’s Hottest Shirt Is Made Of… Wool?

Summer’s heat beats down, leaving you hot and sweaty, and finding the best clothing to combat the discomfort is often tough. This summer’s hottest shirt is made of something that might surprise you, though. What is it? It’s wool. Merino wool is taking the clothing world by storm with its amazing cooling properties and ability to keep you dry in even the sweatiest conditions.

Merino Wool Properties

Those thick, warm sweaters Grandma pieced together might come to mind when thinking of a wool shirt, but actually the coolest merino wool t shirt around (in both senses of the word) ismade from Merino sheep whose coat fibres can be soft and fine, making it entirely different than the mohair wool commonly used in sweaters. The fibre of merino wool is graded by diameter. Merino wool with fibres measuring 19.5 microns or less is comfortably worn against the skin, and producers can change this diameter in thickness to accommodate their type of clothing. From base to mid-layer, merino wool can be produced in different thickness for a certain level of warmth and/or comfort.



Moisture Wicking Ability

During those hot summer days you no longer have to worry about sweat pouring down your body. Merino wool t-shirts and other garments wick away moisture, keeping you cool and fresh. The fabric works to vaporize moisture before you get all hot and sweaty, which is a great property in a shirt, whether you’re out working in the garden or taking a morning jog. Merino wool keeps you fresh the entire time.

Natural Sun Protection

Another reason people are going crazy for merino wool t-shirts is its natural sun protection. Summer months usually put you into fear mode as you cake on the sunscreen and layers trying to protect your skin from the sun, but merino wool does part of the job for you, as it absorbs radiation from the sun. It also doesn’t need to be pre-treated like many other garments, and, though allergies may be running high, it is very rare to have a Merino wool allergy, so many people usually susceptible to allergens in garments can easily wear the clothing. 

Temperature Regulation

The heat often makes it hard to stay fresh and cool, so another reason people are going crazy for merino wool t-shirts is the construction helps regulate body temperature. The fibres have an outer sheath and an inner core working to both repel and absorb water. It can actually absorb up to 33% of its own weight keeping your skin cool and dry in the hottest conditions. While regulating temperature, the fibres are also working to resist odours, and the lanolin in the Merino wool has antibacterial properties that keep you smelling and feeling fresh.


Next time you think of merino wool, don’t think of those old wool sweaters with their itchy fibres and bulky builds. This summer’s merino wool clothing is the opposite: a good-looking, quality garment that keeps you feeling fresh, cool, protected and dry.

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