Tips for seniors to maintain mobility

Growing older is a part of life, and as we get older it is important that we stay as active as possible. Mobility does decrease as the number of years increases, but that doesn’t mean older people shouldn’t remain as active as possible.

There are plenty of great inventions out there to help older adults with difficult tasks. For example, stairlifts are becoming increasingly popular because they help with what was once a simple task – the cost of a stairlift has also reduced greatly as popularity and competition has grown. There are also other accessories such as walkers that can help people remain active and spend time in the great outdoors.

Here are some great ways that we think senior people can improve their mobility.

Have an active lifestyle

Sitting down infant of the TV or listening to the radio all day long will not help you to build and maintain muscle. It is essential to keep up an active lifestyle – and if you have’t been active it’s time to start now. It can sometimes seem difficult to start and keep motivated, it is however really easy:

– Join a group for seniors

– Meet people through online platforms

– Simply walk through your park or around the local area.

Doing any activity is better than doing nothing at all. If you can keep active by walking for just 20 minutes a day, you will be on the right path to improving mobility and making sure you have an active lifestyle.

Check your balance

Many people over look how important balance can be, it is one of the keys to maintaining mobility. This is because having bad balance can lead to seniors slipping and falling over. We all know that a fall for seniors can lead to injury and may take many months to heal. Balance comes from core muscles, back, butt and hips – it is the key for mobility. Here are some exercises recommended by the experts:

– Stand on one foot

– Side leg raises

– Back leg raises

Yoga is one way that you’ll be able to achieve all of the above movements, there are plenty of yoga classes out there now geared towards seniors.

Use the correct walking aid

If you can walk without any assistance then that’s brilliant, but many seniors need to use a walking aid because their balance is not as once was. Walking aids allow senior people to be full mobile and make sure that the muscles are getting a proper workout. Don’t make the mistake of over doing it; if you can walk with only a cane, then there is no reason to use a walker. Always discuss your choices with an expert before making your choice.

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