Why I love my afro

My afro is amazing and has a mind of it’s own. She’s beautiful, wild and can be temperamental sometimes!

We haven’t always had the best relationship, but our love has grown since I had the big chop. I seem to learn more about her everyday and here’s what I love about her right now:

She’s not that difficult

I can still remember my mother telling me that having an afro would be a nightmare to manage. Well that’s because back then she was the one looking after my hair, now I am the sole keeper of my mane. It’s not as difficult to look after as you might think.

She knows her products

She certainly has a great taste in products and only ever wants the most gentle of products. She reacts beautifully to olive oil and will mold into any shape when shea butter is applied.

She takes different forms

It’s no big secret that natural hair will shrink, sometimes it can shrink upto 10 times its length – my mane is definitely no exception to that rule. I love watching my afro transform from it’s natural form after 7 days to instantly shriveling on wash day. It’s fascinating!

She loves to be styled

I love it when I put on my pom-poms. Other great additions are high buns and even faux bangs. Styling her is always an experiment and really exciting. But that’s not the only reason she loves to be styled, because it’s important to protect and maintain by limiting the chance of breakage.

She’s a plant

Well, she’s similar to a plant! Her roots are deep in my scalp, and she grows out like a myriad of leaves, transforming into this amazing and gorgeous bush of joy. Just like a plant, she needs to be watered regularly and nurtured so that she becomes the best form of herself she can be. She also loves to be around other afros, because then she feels at home in mass array of curls and coils.

Do you have an afro or do you just love the afro style? If you do have one tell me why you love it, how you maintain it and the love you’ve got from others about it. If you just simply love the afro style, please tell us all why you marvel at it. Comment below guys.

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